Entity Management

Most entities are often created to solve tax issues, to expand a business into a new area or as a means to execute a business transaction. Other entities are acquired during a merger or acquisition. Larger corporations often have a large number of subsidiaries/entities around the globe. All of these entities require managing. There are a number of legal requirements for these entities which vary according to the country or region they are located in.

• Statutory reporting.
• Tax reporting.
• Holding of regular shareholders meetings.
• Directors need to sit in these companies.
• Audit requirements.
• Bank accounts.

Larger entities are usually self-managing but smaller entities and holding companies can provide a challenge. Other entities can have been created for a reason that no longer exists. Whereas it is relatively quick and easy to start a company, there is usually a longer process to remove it. Roger Moore Solutions can assist with some of these issues. Install an application that can manage your entities. This would be a depository for all information and documentation for all corporate entities. Once running this system can be maintained by the corporation. This can be controlled centrally but access can be given locally to keep information on specific entities up to date.

• Assist in removing entities either by merger, dissolution or liquidation.
• Implementation of an ERP system for all European holding companies.
• Directorship of holding companies.
• Holding shareholders meetings.
• Statutory and US GAAP reporting for these holding companies.
• Management of tax issues, sparring and dialogue with tax department.