My career has sent me in many different directions. Different branches, countries and roles. This is what has given me the broad experience that I have today. My references include:

  • Basico Consulting A/S
  • British Rail International
  • Carlisle Companies Inc / Carlisle Europe BV
  • Carlisle Process Systems A/S
  • Copenhagen Charter
  • E-Trade Bank
  • Mobile News Team ApS
  • Poulsen Roser ApS
  • TDC
  • Travel’s Easy


I’ve enjoyed working with Roger as we have collaborated on setting up a more unified Treasury structure within Europe. He has been invaluable in working with our European collegues and our banking partner in setting up a more efficient and effective banking structure within Europe.

Julia Chandler, Treasurer, Carlisle Companies Inc.

Roger has served in a variety of roles within Carlisle over the years and most recently has been very instrumental in managing the overall European operations. Roger stepped up to be the interim manager at a time when Carlisle needed a strong leader to unify operations in the region. His continued commitment to our projects in Europe is priceless, and he continues to be a valuable asset and reliable resource for Treasury, Accounting, Finance and Tax activities.

Franklin E. Dove, Treasury Manager, Carlisle Companies Inc.

Roger displayed a willingness to challenge status quo and communicate issues and present solutions. Roger also brought experience in dealing with operations in Europe across multiple countries from a finance, treasury, operations and tax perspective that was valuable to the company.

Titus Ball, Chief Accounting Officer, Carlisle Companies Inc.

I have worked with Roger intensively on various occasions. I have gotten to know him as a very pleasant, hands on and very capable business partner, who is very flexible, always available and willing to go that extra mile. It is a great pleasure to be working with such an experienced business partner, who is also very sociable. Roger is a great asset for the Carlisle group!

Zanima Mol, Dijkstra Voermans Advocatuur & Notariaat

I work with Roger for more then 5 years now. He is an excellent communicator and a hands on financial manager. He has a keen eye for tax issues and knows how to realize workable solutions. He is pragmatic and very involved in the business. Roger is empathetic and has a great sense of humor. It is always a pleasure working with Roger. If you are looking for a very good finance person at a senior level: hire Roger!

Gerrit Den Hartog, Tax partner, BDO, Utrecht